Dorothy "Doris"

Mother of two who was wronged by her scumbag ex-husband. She will do anything to get her children back.




The scumbag ex-husband Bartholomew and his lawyer girlfriend, Chelsea Loomis

The last day with her children, Theodore (age 8) and Amy (age 1)

Finally dating again.



Dinner at the Columbia

((OOC: Personal notes
Preston McIntyre -
Middle child of a family of three. He and both his sister’s were adopted. Father is a judge, mother is a lawyer, younger sister sings opera and older sister is a massage therapist.

He’s been on the force for 10 years, can sing and dance, and picked up a bit of slight of hand.

Directly out of high school, he enlisted in the army, went through basic, then was in for two years.

His pitbull is named Puppy because his niece called her Puppy and it stuck.

He’s been in and out of relationships, but nothing substantial. -Not entirely sure if that’s what he prefers or if that’s just how his life has been. ))

Dorothy "Doris"

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